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ERA-Thematic Dossier Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020

CREATED ON 24 Apr 2017


This Thematic Dossier takes a closer look at the role of SSH in Horizon 2020. It focuses on SSH-flagged topics for consortia projects, i.e. the thematic fields where a social science and humanities approach is explicitly desired. From the beginning of Horizon 2020, the European Commission presented the newly introduced SSH-flagged topics as a contribution towards more trans- and interdisciplinary projects involving the SSH and especially as an additional submission option for SSH communities within Horizon 2020. The observations in the following pages are guided by these questions: To what extent is the objective of Horizon 2020, namely to integrate the social sciences and humanities in all relevant topics, put into practice? How do the Austrian institutions perform in this regard? What recommended courses of action can be derived from the stocktaking for the relevant work steps at the European and national level?


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