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ERAC Annual Report 2017

CREATED ON 27 Jul 2018


Key points and achievements from 2017:

• Two new ERAC Standing Working Groups were established on gender in R&I and human resources and mobility, thereby successfully completing the process of bringing the ERA-related groups under the Council’s remit as per the Council conclusions of December 2015.

• The dialogue and co-ordination between the ERA-related groups continues to improve; for example, in 2017 the ERAC Standing Working Group on Gender in R&I and SFIC together prepared a report on a gender perspective in international cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation and issued a position paper with recommendations to various stakeholders.

• Several groups are working on pressing current issues. For example GPC organized two workshops on the future of joint programming to address societal challenges and on the issue of partnerships and their relation with mission-oriented programmes; ESFRI published reports on long-term sustainability of research infrastructures and on innovation-oriented cooperation of research infrastructures; the ERAC Standing Working Group on Human Resources and Mobility elaborated two reports related to open science (education & skills and rewards & recognition); and both ESFRI and the ERAC Standing Working Group on Open Science and Innovation collaborated closely with the Commission on the project of the development of the European Open Science Cloud.

• ERAC prepared an Opinion on the Interim Evaluation of H2020/next Framework Programme, with all groups contributing.

• Most ERA-related groups are analysing the ERA National Action Plans and Strategies and working on the monitoring of the national progress vis-à-vis their respective ERA Priorities, thus supporting Member States and Associated Countries in managing their national research and innovation system more effectively.


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