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16 May 2017

ERC Scientific Council publishes statement on ERC position in the next FP

On 15 May 2017, the ERC Scientific Council published a statement on the position of the European Research Council in the next European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The paper states that the ERC concept has been tested and proved. It is now time to consolidate the ERC's success by ensuring its continuity, agility and scale-up in the next framework programme.

In the paper, the ERC Scientific Council calls for continuity, agility and scale-up: 

  • The legal provisions guaranteeing the autonomy of the ERC should be retained.
  • The ERC should have the freedom, and also the means, to continue to innovate and adapt its scientific strategy and the dedicated administrative structure the ability to implement it.
  • To strengthen its emerging catalytic role in the overall European research ecosystem, and to achieve the structural impact originally envisaged, the ERC would need a broader reach in terms of the number of Principal Investigators accessing its funding. This would require a minimum yearly budget of €4 billion for the ERC.

ERC Scientific Council  Statement


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