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13 Jun 2017

EP adopts proposal to set up PRIMA

At its current meeting in Strasbourg, the European Parliament (EP) has voted to adopt PRIMA, the new Partnership on Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area. PRIMA is expected to be adopted by the Council at its meeting on 26 June 2017, and to start soon to develop much-needed solutions for a more sustainable management of water and agro-food systems, in cooperation between EU and Mediterranean countries.

The PRIMA partnership is based on Article 185 TFEU and will be financed through a combination of funding from participating countries (currently €269 million), and a €220 million contribution from the EU through Horizon 2020. The main objective of the ten-year initiative (2018 – 2028) is to develop solutions to improve water availability and sustainable agriculture production in a region heavily distressed by climate change, urbanisation and population growth. The partnership currently consists of 19 participating countries: Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey. The European Commission (EC) expects more participants, from both EU and non-EU countries, to follow.

For more information:

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