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10 Jul 2017

ERAC adopts Opinion on Horizon 2020 Interim Evaluation & preparations for FP9

ERAC, the European Research and Innovation Committee, recently adopted its "Opinion on the Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020 and preparations for the next Framework Programme". This ERAC Opinion is addressed to the Council and to the Commission and is to be regarded as a contribution to the ongoing discussions regarding the future of the European Union’s funding programmes for R&I. It aims to provide a guide for the evolution of Horizon 2020 and the preparation of FP9, by highlighting the main achievements of Horizon 2020 in the eyes of the community involved in the ERA and the main areas that still need to be further improved.

The ERAC Opinion takes into account the findings of the stakeholder consultations as well as the ERAC related groups’ stances, the national positions issued in the context of the Horizon 2020 Interim Evaluation, the Commission Staff Working Document on the Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020 , the MS/AC’s experiences with the pathbreaking preparatory and pilot actions under the last work programmes in Horizon 2020 (in particular the EIC preparatory phase), as well as the first set of national position papers regarding FP9.

Beyond the FP7 and H2020 significant successes, ERAC has nevertheless identified further improvements to be delivered:

1) The next FP should reaffirm the achievement of ERA as a top priority.

2) FPs must incentivise involvement of new participants, whatever their location, status, gender, as far as they meet excellence.

3) FPs must reinforce international cooperation with Europe’s global partners as soon as possible.

4) Innovation deserves a good policy mix and the involvement of all R&I actors.

5) FPs should feed EU sectoral policies.

6) FPs should deliver better and continued dialogue with European citizens.

The ERAC Opionion can be downloaded here.



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