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11 Jul 2017

EUA responds to Lamy Report

EUA, the European University Association, has recently responded to the "Fab - Lab -App" report of the High Level Group of leading experts chaired by Pascal Lamy, and the 11 recommendations made by the report which was presented on 3 July 2017 in Brussels.

EUA welcomes the report as providing a good basis for the debate on the future 9th Framework Programme (FP9). In particular, EUA welcomes the Group’s conclusion on the importance of doubling EU research and innovation funding, which should be matched by an increase in national investments. According to EUA, this should now lead to a discussion on the specific sources for additional funding and further routes to enhancing synergies between the future Framework Programme and the European Structural and Investment Funds, as well as the Common Agricultural Policy, as recommended in the report.

EUA is also in favour of a more efficient use of resources through a simplified programme, with fewer funding schemes and flexible provisions. It welcomes the Group’s recommendations on the scope and structure of the future Framework Programme, particularly relating to the added value for Europe through collaborative partnerships across all countries and sectors. The university association also welcomes the intended stronger links between EU research, innovation and higher education policies.  

EUA stresses that excellent science must be the foundation of next FP, saying that links and distinctions between the proposed pillars and instruments, such as the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and the European Innovation Council (EIC), would need to be further discussed. EUA warns against "excessive concentration of investment in the European Research Council and the EIC exclusively", and highlights the necessity of determining how expected impact and research missions of the future Framework Programme would contribute to the advancement of European society.

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