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11 Sep 2017

ERA-LEARN presents case studies for aligning national research activities

ERA-LEARN has presented a new publication on "Case studies of novel modalities for aligning national research strategies, programmes, and activities". The publication includes seven case studies that examine novel alignment modalities of national research strategies, programmes and other activities. The term "novel" refers to modalities, instruments, or approaches which contribute to alignment of research activities at the strategic or operational level at a pilot stage, or which have been introduced in schemes or networks other than the JPI or ERA-NETs.

The case studies do not constitute in-depth evaluations of ongoing practices. Instead they aim to illustrate how select novel approaches have been used to promote alignment at strategic, operational and financial levels, and what the key “lessons learned” are from these experiences. The case studies outline the key benefits and challenges practitioners have faced when putting in place such approaches, and the key factors for their successful implementation.

ERA-LEARN 2020 is a project funded by Horizon 2020 as a support platform for the Public-Public-Partnerships (P2P) community.

For more information and download of the publication:

ERA-LEARN - publications

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