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21 Sep 2017

EUA responds to EC President Juncker's State-of-the-Union address

EUA, the European University Association, has released a response to the State-of-the-Union address given by EC President Juncker last week. Its main message is that the EU's ambitions need to be backed by boosting research and innovation.

The EUA welcomes President Juncker's pledge for a strong and united Europe, but is convinced that Europe can only meet these ambitions and tackle major societal challenges, such as climate change and migration, through a considerable boost of research and education. According to the EUA, in the context of changing labour markets, it is furthermore not possible to envisage a free trading Europe of strong industries without thinking about how Europeans are trained to harness globalisation. The EUA also stresses that universities play an important role in this regard and says this is why a continued dialogue between institutions as well as policy-makers and the society at large is needed to tackle those challenges together.  

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EUA - News

EUA response to the state of the Union address

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