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10 Oct 2017

Germany publishes position paper on FP 9

The Federal Government of Germany has published a position paper on FP9. The document "Guidelines for the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation: Federal Government Position Paper" states that the German government wants the next FP to be bolder, more focused, more inclusive, more outcome-oriented, more consistent, more user-friendly, closer to the people, and more determined.

The paper outlines the elements that Germany considers to be important in FP9 with regard to objectives and basic principles (e.g. excellence-based research as the guiding principle, addressing societal needs, focused exclusively on civilian activities); strategic orientation (e.g. more interaction between the three pillars, continuing the ERC and MSCA, establishing an EIC); governance (e.g. further development of PPPs and P2Ps, consistent involvement of Member States); and instruments and specific measures (e.g. reducing over-subscription, keeping R&I grants and not replacing them by loan financing, improved involvement of industry in research projects).

German position paper on FP9 available in English and German (pdf download)

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