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18 Oct 2017

Austria among top three most successful countries in Horizon 2020 so far

Austria is among the top three countries regarding the success rate of participations when applying for funding from Horizon 2020. With a success rate of 16.5%, Austria is only preceded by Belgium (17.2%) and France (17%). The EU average is 14.4%. So far, Austrian researchers have received around € 780 million from the current EU Research Framework Programme, which corresponds to 2.8% of the total budget. A total of 1.952 Austrian participations also amounts to 2.8% of all participations. These figures were revealed at a press conference at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) today.

A share of 39% of Austrian participations is accounted for by enterprises, which is higher than the average of all countries (35%), while Austria's 28% participations by universities is below the average of 33%. 21% of the Austrian participations are by non-university research organisations (average: 21%).

As regards the different programmes under Horizon 2020, Austria is still most successful in the ERC (European Research Council), from which it has received € 150.4 million, followed by ICT (Information and Communication Technologies, € 115.0 million), TPT (Smart, green and integrated transport, € 91.6 million), the Energy programme (€ 84.5 million), and the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (67.6 million).

At the press conference, EC Deputy Director-General for Research Wolfgang Burtscher, FFG Managing Director Henrietta Egerth, Infineon CEO Sabine Herlitschka, and Director General for Research Barbara Weitgruber (Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy) agreed that these successful figures also constitute a mandate to continue to improve the framework conditions in the field of research and innovation. During its EU Council Presidency during the second half of 2018, Austria will play an important role in shaping the ninth EU Research Framework Programme and further developing the European Research Area.

Mr. Burtscher, Ms. Egerth, Ms. Herlitschka and Ms. Weitgruber see Europe on the way towards an Innovation Union, and research as a key driver for growth, knowledge and well-being in this context. They agree that the ninth EU Framework Programme should be further strengthened as a core instrument of the European Research Area, in particular also on the basis of, and supported by, the three key criteria excellence, openness and impact.

For further information:

FFG - press release (in German)

Photo: Barbara Weitgruber (Director General, BMWFW), Henrietta Egerth (Managing Director, FFG), Wolfgang Burtscher (Deputy Director-General, EC), and Sabine Herlitschka (CEO, Infineon) (photo credit: FFG/Martin Lusser)

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