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31 Oct 2017

EC launches Competence Centre on Modelling hosted by JRC

On 26 October 2017, the European Commission (EC) launched a Competence Centre on Modelling. The centre is hosted by the JRC (Joint Research Centre) and will promote a responsible, coherent and transparent use of modelling to support the evidence base for EU policies.

The Commission uses modelling to assess the environmental, economic, and social impacts of policy options and policy initiatives. Models are also used in other phases of the policy cycle, for instance to support implementation. The Commission’s increasing focus on quantification of EU policy requires cross-cutting and robust approaches. According to the EC, the Competence Centre on Modelling will therefore bring under one umbrella the Commission's competencies and best practice in building and using models for greater quality and transparency in policy making. In this way it will contribute to the Commission's Better Regulation policy, to the Inter-Institutional Agreement on Better Law Making, and to the Communication on Data, Information and Knowledge Management at the European Commission

The Competence Centres in the JRC are centred on analytical tools which can be applied to any policy area, bringing together in one place extensive expertise in this field. The Competence Centre on Modelling is the fourth one in the JRC, after Competence Centres on Composite Indicators,  Microeconomic Evaluation and  Text Mining and Analysis.

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