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30 Nov 2017

ERC presents project examples of Consolidator Grants

The ERC presents 13 examples of projects of its Consolidator Grants 2017 on its website. The ERC Consolidator Grants are awarded to outstanding researchers of any nationality and age, with at least seven and up to twelve years of experience after PhD, and a scientific track record showing great promise. Research must be conducted in a public or private research organisation located in one of the EU Member States or Associated Countries. The funding (maximum of €2 million per grant), is provided for up to five years and mostly covers the employment of researchers and other staff to consolidate the grantees' teams. 

The projects presented deal with the following topics:

  • Is your home a safe investment?
  • Knowing blood vessels inside out
  • Believe it or not - How do we choose what to believe
  • Making touch more useful in technology
  • An affordable way to study oxygen
  • Invention of scripts and their beginnings
  • Deciphering circadian communication
  • Mathematics of noise sensitivity
  • The role and impact of forensic science in Europe
  • How to make drug-resistant bacteria sensitive to antibiotics again
  • Wild again - Unravelling the genomics of feralisation
  • The ethics of drone violence
  • Finding tuberculosis's weak spot 

ERC - Consolidator Grants project examples

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