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14 Dec 2017

JRC publishes Policy Brief on Innovation & Industry Policy for the Next Decade

The JRC's IRI project has published a document to contribute to the discussion on the post-2020 policies that will start with the next EU multiannual financial perspectives and the subsequent preparation of the ninth Framework Programme (FP9). The aim is to discuss the research, business and policy challenges for the decade to come and provide guidance to the EU's industrial research and innovation policy agenda.

The policy brief identifies seven major challenges posed by the industrial transformation:

  • Upgrading and updating the industrial base
  • Data revolution and non-R&D intangible assets
  • Innovation is dynamic and specific
  • From static to dynamic efficiency
  • Internationalisation and cooperation between firms
  • Improving university-business cooperation and
  • Innovation and Employment.

According to the paper, these challenges will shape the future economic landscape and should be at the heart of the next generation of policies.

The authors propose four main ingredients for future EU policies: they should  be based on (truly) new policy vision, aims and objectives; promote coordination, simplification and openness; target EU specificities; and embody experimentation.

Policy Brief on Innovation & Industry: Policy for the Next Decade


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