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08 Jan 2018

EC publishes study on research, innovation and economic growth on RIO

The European Commission (EC), DG Research and Innovation has published a study on research, innovation and economic growth on its Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO). DG Research and Innovation commissioned Deloitte and RAND Europe to undertake a this study with the aim to better understand the impact of public policy on innovation. In particular, the objective of the study is twofold: enhance the evidence base around the impact of public policy on research and innovation; and explore possible modifications in QUEST III (a macro-economic model developed by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs) to evaluate a number of innovation policies and reforms.

The report consists of several publications, looking at

  • R&D policy reforms and strategies
  • skill accumulation
  • technology diffusion
  • knowledge production function and R&D investments.

An executive summary is also provided as a separate document.

Download the publications from the RIO library


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