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09 Jan 2018

Öttinger wants to back research, innovation and Erasmus+ in next EU budget cycle

On 8-9 January 2018, a conference on the preparation of the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) took place in Brussels. On this occasion, participants discussed the EU´s budgetary needs to sustain Europe‘s prosperity and security. In his opening address, President Jean-Claude Juncker told the audience that it would not be possible to finance existing EU policies and new ones with the current max. 1 percent GNI (gross national income). The EU budget would need more than that. He stressed the need to fix the political goals first, then to discuss the budget.

The next Multiannual Financial Framework will cover the period from 2021 to 2028 and should have a specific funding line dedicated to “future innovation and youth”, Budget Commissioner Günther Öttinger said in his speech. He would like to exclude the EU’s research&innovation and Erasmus programmes from cuts. Both programmes deserve increased funding, even given the loss of the UK’s financial contribution to the EU of €12 billion, he stated. The financial gaps would be caused by Brexit and new priorities such as migration, defence, or border control. They should be closed by means of 50% savings and 50% fresh money (additional payments from Member States or pan-EU taxes). The Commission proposes that the funding for new priorities should come from cuts or efficiencies (20 %) and from new money (80 %).

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