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18 Jan 2018

LERU presents advice paper on gender bias in academia

On 18 January 2018 LERU published a new advice paper “Implicit bias in academia: A challenge to the meritocratic principle and to women's careers - and what to do about it” during a launch event in Brussels. This paper looks at the role of implicit bias as a mechanism behind the gender gap and a potential threat to academic meritocracy. It focuses on implicit gender bias, examining how it plays a role in working conditions for women at universities, in recruitment and career advancement processes, and in research funding situations. Evidence for bias is reviewed, examples of action at LERU universities are given, and nine recommendations for universities and other organisations and policy makers are formulated e.g. to have regular monitoring of organisational structures and processes in place and to assign clear accountability with final responsibility for action.

Download the full paper here.


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