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23 Jan 2018

Commission publishes Opinion on EIT evaluation

On 12 January 2018, the European Commission published its Opinion on the independent evaluation of the EIT. In the paper the Commission clearly recognises the achievements of the EIT and its Innovation Communities highlighted also in the EIT Mid-term Evaluation Report. The Commission also recognised the importance of the role of the EIT in supporting the Innovation Communities to implement their innovation model. At the same time, the document indicates certain areas where there is room for improvement, such as:
•  Integration of the EIT graduates in innovation and entrepreneurship activities of the Innovation Communities is under-exploited: education activities did not generate so far a significant number of student-led start-ups;
•  Further efforts are needed for the Innovation Communities to become fully integrated into the local innovation ecosystems;
•  Impact is mainly limited to the partners, graduates and start-ups that have directly cooperated with the EIT Innovation Communities, and less clear evidence is found on the systemic impacts of the EIT;
•  The potential of the EIT and its Innovation Communities to contribute to EU policy-making in specific fields has not been utilised at its best;
•   Synergies existing at implementation level between the EIT and other EU innovation policy initiatives and instruments are not sufficiently reflected at programming level; the EIT should work in close coordination with research and innovation activities and the financial instruments of H2020 and COSME;
•   Achieving fully self-financing after 15 years may be challenging for the EIT Innovation Communities.

The Commission review of the EIT acknowledges the uniqueness of the EIT model among the EU and Member States’ innovation support initiatives in tackling relevant societal challenges through the Knowledge Triangle Integration. Finally, the Opinion re-affirms the recommendations of the independent evaluation and commits the Commission, together with EIT and its Innovation Communities. In response to some of the challenges identified during the independent evaluation, the Commission plans actions to improve simplification and flexibility of the EIT operations.

The Commission's Opinion on the EIT evaluation can be downloaded here.

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