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30 Jan 2018

PSF publishes final report on Specific Support to Romania

The Policy Support Facility (PSF) set up by the European Commission (EC) under Horizon 2020 has published the final report of the PSF panel of experts under the PSF Specific Support for Romania, which has been carried out from July 2016 to December 2017.

The PSF generally provides support to Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020 in reforming their national science, technology and innovation systems. The final report on "Specific Support to Romania: Start-ups, Scale-ups and Entrepreneurship in Romania" provides an overview of the key challenges and opportunities of the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem and outlines key policy recommendations for improving the performance of startups, scaleups and the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Romania.

The report can be downloaded from the EC's Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) website.

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