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05 Feb 2018

Italy presents Position Statement on FP9

On 5 February 2018, Italy presented its Position Statement on FP9 and a Vision Document in support of the Position Statement on FP9. Italy firmly believes that transnational research supported by the FP financial resources, involving multiple Member States (and Associated Countries) across the whole of Europe and beyond, is instrumental for the achievement of a fully functional ERA. Therefore, Italy expects that the ERA priorities will be distinctly echoed in the formulation of the next FP.

Some key issues of the paper are as follows:

  • researchers, with a special emphasis on first stage researchers and women researchers, should be at the core of the FP much more than has been the case in H2020, as they are the main effectors of socio-economic growth.
  • An exaggerated shift toward a finance-driven approach (“loans instead of grants”) would fatally displace the criteria and actors for decisions about R&I funding in other hands with respect to those of researchers (in the private and public sectors) and research (public and private) performing organisations, and in other places, which might have little to do with research quality and societal impact. Italy could not support such a shift.
  • The Joint Programming Process (JPP) has been and remains crucial for providing an operational, concrete meaning to the concept of European Added Value and for progressively streamlining National and European research, with the aim of reducing fragmentation and eliminating unnecessary duplications.
  • The basic, 3-pillars architecture (and its content), introduced with H2020, should not be altered.
  • The full potential of all the MS and of all their regions should be exploited. Therefore, Italy would strongly favour a boost of the ‘widening participation and spreading excellence’ concept in the next FP.

IT Position Paper

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