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22 Feb 2018

CoR calls for FP9 to be backed by strong cohesion policy

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) calls for the next EU R&I Framework Programme to build on territorial connections and be backed by strong cohesion policy. This was stated at a conference organised by the CoR on 20 February 2018. Local and regional representatives called for research and innovation funds to be oriented towards connecting regional innovation ecosystems in close synergy with cohesion policy instruments.

CoR First Vice-President Markku Markkula said: "The R&I programmes of the EU are not only designed to promote scientific excellence and the global competitiveness of Europe, but are also instrumental for sustainable growth and rendering our regions and cities smarter and more liveable. Ecosystem thinking and partnering between different cities and regions must therefore be one of the major guiding principles for the new framework programme."

Christophe Clergeau (FR/PES), rapporteur of a recent CoR opinion on EU's R&I programmes, pointed out the crucial role of structural and investment funds in the field of research and innovation and called for improved synergies with different regional and European funding instruments, as well as for taking greater account of smart specialisation strategies. Mr. Clergeau also suggested that FP9 should include new "territorial connections" action to recognise and fund regional excellence along the lines of the Vanguard Initiative. In his view, this would promote the complementarity of regional innovation ecosystems by creating consortia between regions that share their smart specialisation strategies and want to advance together towards commonly agreed goals. Other speakers also highlighted the importance of more cohesion and convergence in the field of research and innovation, calling for "more regions of excellence in Europe" and stressing the importance of reversing the talent drain and bridging the innovation gaps between Member States and between regions, as well as of sharing research results between regions and opening research infrastructures to the needs of local actors.

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CoR - press release

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