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23 Feb 2018

The Guild policy paper looks at bolstering European innovation ecosystems

The Guild of European Research Universities published a policy paper entitled "Bolstering Europe’s innovation ecosystems: Research, creativity, and co-creation" on 22 February 2018.

According to the paper, though Europe has built an outstanding research base, it is lagging behind the world’s most innovative economies. Untapping its potential requires a stable policy framework, as well as sufficient public funding and incentives for private investment. This funding must be part of a broader effort to create the conditions for innovation to flourish and scale up, and to strengthen the bridges connecting researchers and the results of their research with innovation.

The paper includes a set of recommendations on how to stimulate innovation through FP9:

Firstly, the Guild welcomes the creation of the European Innovation Council (EIC) with its ambition to bring about a step-change for innovation in Europe. It proposes to

  • increase funding for collaborative research at low technology readiness levels (TRLs),
  • improve links between new knowledge and private investment,
  • support all types of innovation, including social and cultural innovation

Secondly, the Guild states that the support of innovation ecosystems through the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) must be open, cost-effective and scalable:

Thirdly, the paper calls for support for Open Innovation (OI) to encourage more exchange and co-creation of ideas wherever appropriate, and to enable the sustainable participation of all actors in innovation ecosystems

Finally, the Guild affirms that Europe’s regional innovation performance should be strengthened by making universities more actively involved in the Smart Specialisation strategies.

For more information:

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