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02 Mar 2018

EARTO launches Economic Footprint Study

On 1 March 2018, EARTO launched its new “Economic Footprint Study: Impact of 9 European RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations) in 2015-2016”. The study highlights the economic footprint of RTOs based on data collected from 9 RTOs, representing 1/3 of EARTO members in terms of employees and turnover: AIT (Austria), CEA (France), DTI (Denmark), Fraunhofer (Germany), imec (Belgium), SINTEF (Norway), Tecnalia (Spain), TNO (Netherlands) and VTT (Finland). The study shows that aggregated effects of the core-activities as well as activities generated through the collaborative contract research, the spin-offs, and the outflow of highly-skilled staff of these 9 RTOs, resulted in e.g. 1 job in an RTO, additional 4 jobs were created elsewhere in Europe in 2016. According to EARTO, European R&I policy makers should clearly define policies aiming at further utilising and enhancing RTOs’ capabilities as well as at boosting joint investments in their key technological infrastructures.

For more information:
Economic Footprint Study Full Report and Presentation


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