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05 Mar 2018

Cyprus publishes position paper on FP9

Cyprus has published its national position paper on FP9. The paper takes into account the views of Cypriot stakeholders in the national stakeholders’ consultation exercise that was conducted by the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development (DG EPCD) between November 2017 and February 2018.

Generally, Cyprus wishes to see the current structure of Horizon 2020 to be retained in FP9, for continuity and efficiency purposes, and is in favour of increasing the budget for FP9 compared to Horizon 2020.

With regard to the "Excellence" pillar, it calls for all actions under this pillar to continue and receive additional funding in FP9. FET calls should be made more specific, particularly regarding the FET Open and FET Proactive schemes. As far as the FET Flagships are concerned, Cyprus calls for more transparency and openness to facilitate access for all.

With regard to "Innovation and Private Sector Involvement", Cyprus states that the participation of the private sector and industry, as well as the collaboration between the research community and the private sector, should be increased in FP9. Increasing the involvement of SMEs is regarded as particularly important. KETs are regarded as highly important, too. With regard to the ICT Work Programme, Cyprus states that efforts should be made to ensure a balance in the allocation of budget between PPP and non-PPP driven calls. Cyprus also takes a positive view of the Commission’s priority for the establishment of a European Innovation Council (EIC).

The paper confirms the support of Cyprus for the existing challenge-driven approach under the "Societal Challenges" pillar, and calls for social sciences and humanities (SSH) to be concretely integrated in all parts of the Framework Programme, in addition to a separate programme with an earmarked budget. Cyprus is in favour of the mission-oriented approach that is currently being discussed, and outlines a number of requirements for these missions.

According to the position paper, a separate defence research programme should be set up, outside FP9. Cyprus states that it is "imperative to continue and strengthen the Widening Actions under FP9, both in terms of financing and of new actions". With regard to international cooperation, it highlights the PRIMA Initiative as an "excellent partnership example".

With regard to implementation, Cyprus wishes to see further simplification under FP9, the exploitation of synergies with other EU programmes and national funds, a review of the state-aid rules; an appropriate balance between collaborative projects and partnerships, suggesting the introduction of a threshold for the funding of partnerships in FP9; and a rationalisation of the funding system as proposed by the Lamy Report.

Cyprus FP9 Position Paper

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