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07 Mar 2018

UK presents position paper on FP9

On 6 March 2018, the UK published its position paper on FP9. As a top-five collaboration partner in Horizon 2020, the UK values its participation in the EU Framework Programmes. The UK believes that at the heart of a successful programme are a focus on excellence, and on providing European added value and impact. This paper has outlined some of those areas where the UK considers concrete action could be taken to improve the functioning and processes of the programme. According to the paper, the vast majority of Horizon 2020 works well, and the Commission should avoid the temptation to make significant structural changes, which participants may find hard to navigate. The UK awaits the Commission’s proposal with interest and intends to actively engage in the development of the programme, including discussing possible options for its future participation.

The main points of the UK Paper are as follows:

  • a continued focus on excellence is essential.
  • facilitate and strengthen collaborative working with other countries on shared priorities for mutual benefit.
  • a mission-oriented approach could provide a useful framework for tackling large scale societal challenges and European priorities, determined via a flexible and consultative approach.
  • further reduce the administrative burden for participants so that they can focus on producing excellent research and innovation.
  • seek to widen participation, supporting the development of underrepresented groups as well as regions, to strengthen European research and innovation as a whole.
  • FP9 should complement national research and innovation funding programmes, concentrating on where it can add most value.

Download the UK Position Paper here.

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