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08 Mar 2018

EUA statement calls for comprehensive view on academic cooperation in Brexit negotiations

EUA, the European University Association, has issued a statement today calling for a "comprehensive view on academic cooperation" in the Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK, which are currently moving into their second phase. The EUA assumes that at this stage, the framework for the future relationship will only take the form of a political declaration, which then will be followed up with detailed negotiations on the thematic areas. In order to ensure that research, higher education and mobility are among these thematic areas, EUA calls for a comprehensive view on academic cooperation and urges the EU institutions to include this in the additional negotiation guidelines for phase 2 to be adopted in late March 2018, stating that this would help prepare the ground for associating the UK with FP9 as well as Erasmus+.

In its statement, the EUA points out that the UK is a very strong player in European research and mobility, and that research, mobility, and development of higher education are interdependent. It concludes that therefore Europe needs a comprehensive deal on academic cooperation between the EU and the UK after Brexit, covering all areas including the following:

  1. association of the UK to the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and the Erasmus+ Programme;
  2. clarity about the status of the UK in relation to other European research initiatives,such as Copernicus, the European Open Science Cloud, and the European Education Area;
  3. clarity on the status and rights of mobile students and university staff in the UK and in the EU.

The EUA calls on the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament to ensure that such a comprehensive agreement covering academic cooperation as a whole is included in the negotiation guidelines for Phase 2 to be adopted in March 2018.

To read the EUA statement, click here.

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