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23 Mar 2018

Robert-Jan Smits committed to Open Access by 2020

Horizon, the EU’s web magazine about research and innovation, has published a new interview with Robert-Jan Smits as he takes on his new role at the European Commission’s in-house think tank on Open Access. Robert-Jan Smits' ambition as an Open Access envoy is to make concrete policy recommendations by October 2018, so that the Commission can really deliver full and immediate Open Access to scientific publications by 2020. "In 2016 a (European) Council Conclusion was adopted unanimously by all the 28 EU science ministers stating that there should be full open access to scientific publications by 2020. But that is of course easier said than done. The topic has in the meantime gotten a bit off the political agenda", Smits says.

The recommendations he will present in autumn will not just focus on Open Access to scientific publications, but will touch upon the ecosystem around it that needs to change because otherwise the EU will not reach the 2020 target.

Read the full interview here: Horizon Magazine

Photo credit: European Commission

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