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26 Mar 2018

The Guild publishes recommendations for European Universities initiative

On 23 March 2018, the Guild has published a new position paper supporting the European Universities initiative. According to the paper, the European Universities initiative is suitable for boosting the competitiveness of the European higher education sector. The creation of collaborative flagships, distinguished by high-quality education and research excellence, would bring a step-change to the Bologna process through the mutual recognition of degrees and the removal of barriers to mobility. The initiative will be a powerful catalyst for bringing together universities, governments and the EU to work towards a more integrated, transnational, research-led student experience, the paper says..

The Guild embraces the vision of creating new and transformative strategies of “universities of the future”, that can act as role models contributing to the modernisation of the university sector in Europe. In addition, it will be crucial that the networks are ambitious and innovative in developing deeper collaboration, whilst remaining open and transparent, to maximise their outreach and impact.

The Guild Position Paper on the European Universities initiative

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