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26 Mar 2018

Climate Action: Thematic Dossier analyses Horizon 2020 funding and Austrian Participation

In its series of ERA Thematic Dossiers, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency has recently published an analysis of climate-related funding in Horizon 2020 and related partnerships initiatives.

Climate action, i.e. the strategies, plans and activities undertaken at international, national and local level to mitigate, adapt to and understand climate change, is one of the central policies of the European Union (EU) with its highly ambitious targets for 2020 and 2030 as adopted by the EU leaders in 2014.

This Thematic Dossier takes a closer look at the budget committed to climate action in Horizon 2020 to date (i.e. calls for proposals in 2014-2017). More importantly, it reviews the thematic areas of climate action and climate change research supported by the work programmes within Horizon 2020, predominantly under Pillar 3, “Societal Challenges”. Furthermore, it looks at the complementarity of Horizon 2020 funding with related Partnership Initiatives, such as Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI).

The analysis shows that most of the climate-related funding comes from Pillar 3 of Societal Challenges, and in particular from Bioeconomy (SC2), Energy (SC3), Transport (SC4) and the Environment (SC5). In key Horizon 2020 programmes, such as the European Research Council (15%) or basic and industrial technologies (18.6%), climate-related expenditure is still far off its target.

Austria is involved in 552 projects related to climate action, while coordinating 120 of those with 883 participations. There is around €243 million of climate-relevant funding flowing to Austria, with the bulk of the funding coming from climate-relevant projects originating in the Societal Challenges, and especially SC3 ‘Energy’ (every third euro received comes from this programme line), SC4 ‘Transport’, and to a lesser extent SC5 ‘Environment’ and SC2 ‘Food’. Significant amounts also come from the ERC and the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie actions, as well as from ICT and ‘Advanced Manufacturing’.

ERA Thematic Dossier on Climate Action in Horizon 2020



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