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28 Mar 2018

Jean-Eric Paquet: FP9 will be evolution, not revolution

The structure of the EU’s next research funding programme is based on the mantra of "evolution, not revolution" and so will not contain any major surprises, according to Jean-Eric Paquet, the EU’s recently appointed Director-General for Research and Innovation, who is taking up his new role on 3 April 2ß18. In an interview published in Horizon magazine on 28 March, Paquet explains "The overall structure is clearly emerging and is largely based on the existing structure of Horizon 2020. We are largely basing the work on the report of Pascal Lamy, which mantra I find quite telling – which is “evolution not revolution”. ‘We will have an extremely strong science pillar, largely based on the European Research Council, which is clearly one of the successes of the Framework Programme and European research more generally. Marie Curie (the Marie-Sklodowska Curie Actions) obviously continues, infrastructure (funding) continues. There is a very high European added-value in this science pillar of Horizon 2020 and of the future framework programme", Mr. Paquet said.

Asked on budgetary issues, Paquet outlines three scenarios the Commission is working with: 80 (billion euros), 120 (billion euros) or 160 (billion euros). The Commission's proposal for FP9 is due to be published by end of May 2018.

Horizon magazine

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Photo credit: Horizon Magazine

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