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04 Apr 2018

CESAER proposes criteria for university-level EU funding

On 30 March 2018, CESAER (a network of 52 universities of science & technology) has published a statement outlining how to assess and reward "renewed" European universities that operate at the forefront of science and technology. The statement responds to the "Lamy Report" which stated Europe’s universities need “urgent renewal”, and suggested that “a clearly defined ‘European university’ label could reward research and higher education institutions which actively and successfully promote open science, open innovation and openness to the world”.

According to CESAER, universities of science and technology already apply these values, providing significant scientific, economic, social and societal impact. CESAER advises and expands upon a number of key dimensions that can be used in the assessment of universities, including:
• Excellent and breakthrough science and technology
• STEM graduates and innovative mind-sets
• New forms of learning and teaching
• Collaboration with stakeholders
• Leading position in region, country and beyond
• Scientific, social, economic and societal impact and benefit
• Values

In their statement, the universities also call for support to developing the assessment of European universities, and state that a dedicated funding scheme is needed to reward new and innovative ideas that such universities are already applying now.

CESAER statement Assess and reward Europe´s universities

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