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10 Apr 2018

Digital Day 2018 takes place today - live stream available

Today, 10 April 2018, the European Commission is bringing ministers, representatives of EU countries, industry, academia and civil society representatives together to encourage cooperation in artificial intelligence, blockchain, eHealth and innovation. Discussions are focusing on how the technological developments will shape the future of Europe and on building a strong Digital Single Market with increased investment and digital skills. By means of this event, the European Commission is trying to encourage more cooperation on digital issues.

Highlights of Digital Day 2018 include declarations aimed at:

  • Joining forces on artificial intelligence (AI) (more information available here after around 13:00 CET)

  • Building a European partnership in blockchain technologies (more information about the declaration on blockchain technologies available here after around 15:30 CET)

  • Sharing data to personalise healthcare (more information about the declaration on genomic databankswill available here after around 17:00 CET)

  • Encouraging innovation with the help of a new online tool (more information about the declaration on Innovation Radar available here after around 17:30 CET).

  • 5G cross-border testing corridors to support connected and automated mobility (more about the Memorandum of Understanding available here after around 11:30 CET).

The event can be followed by live stream.

For more information:

European Commission - press release

Digital Day Opening Speech by EC Vice President Ansip

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