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17 Apr 2018

Commission receives 1,191 responses to call for feedback on Mazzucato Report

The European Commission has published a preliminary summary of the call for feedback on the report "Research and Innovation in the European Union: A problem-solving approach to fuel innovation-led growth" by Mariana Mazzucato. The summary provides an overview of the closed questions of the call for feedback. Regarding the critieria proposed by Prof. Mazzucato, criterion no 3. "EU R&I missions should have ambitious but realistic research & innovation actions" was ranked first by 88% of all respondents. In terms of implementation aspects, 88% voted for "Implementation of EU R&I missions should be flexible, with pro-active management and building in-house capabilities".  68% of the respondents agrreed that citizens should be consulted on the choice of missions.

The call was open for contributions from 22 February 2018 until 4 April 2018. By type of stakeholder, 42% of the respondents came from universities, 23% from research organisations, 13% from business or industry,  6% from NGOs, 5% from public authorities and 8% were other types of stakeholders.

As a next step, a comprehensive analysis report of all submissions of the Call for Feedback, including all comments and proposals provided by respondents in the open questions, will be developed.

Preliminary Summary

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