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19 Apr 2018

Austrian R&D intensity increases to 3.19% in 2018

Statistics Austria, the Austrian national statistics office, has published the latest figures on R&D expenditure in Austria. In 2018, approximately 12.3 billion euro are expected to be spent on research and experimental development (R&D) in Austria, according to Statistics Austria's forecast. The research intensity, which represents the gross domestic expenditures on R&D as percentage of the nominal gross domestic product (GDP), will increase to 3.19%, a slight increase from 3.16% in 2017 and 3.15% in 2016, but considerably higher than in 2015 (3.05%).

Expenditure on research will rise by 5.6% from 2017 to 2018, and will hence lie above the increase of the nominal gross domestic product of 4.9%. Since 2014, R&D intensity in Austria is above the 3% EU target by 2020, but still below the target of 3.76% Austria has set for itself. Approximately half (49.5%) of the total R&D expenditure in 2018 (12.3 billion euro) will be funded by domestic enterprises, 34.1% by the government sector and 15.8% from abroad. The share of the private non-profit sector will be around 0.6%.

The latest EU figures available (2016) show that Austria performs second behind Sweden (3.25%) and before Germany (2.94%), Denmark (2.87%) and Finland (2.75%). Belgium (2.49%) and France (2.25%) are also above the EU average of 2.03%.

For further information:

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