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23 Apr 2018

Latvia publishes preliminary position on FP9

In its recently published position paper on the next Frammework Programme, Latvia stresses the importance of high-quality, socially relevant and open research and innovation for smart economy and inclusive, sustainable development. Latvia fully agrees with those Member States and stakeholders who emphasise that European Research Area is a core concept, and that the future Framework Programme should be the main EU-wide measure to further develop and promote the integration of ERA. A key political objective of FP9 should be to contribute even more strongly to a genuine single market for knowledge, research and innovation.

According to the paper, the future Framework Programme should be based on the principle of “inclusive excellence” and an open participation model, providing opportunities for scientific collaboration, excellent research and innovation breakthrough for all Member States, regardless of their size and rank in scoreboards. The impact of the Programme and its components should cover all dimensions of sustainable development. The perception of “impact” and subsequent indicators should not be limited only to their “financial leveraging effect” or increased global competitiveness of EU industry leaders. Indicators should also cover a wider range of social and economic dimensions, such as European citizens benefiting from improvements, contribution to achievement of environmental goals, stimulating impact on national and regional economies and closing the innovation gap.

In terms of priority setting, Latvia states that the European Commission, in close collaboration with the Member States, should provide the strategic priority setting and programming. Those programme parts which are outsourced to external entities, such as Joint Technology Initiatives/JUs, should continue to be subject to Member States’ supervision via respective Programme Committees` programming, monitoring and reporting tools for research and Innovation (“FP9”).

Download Latvia's position paper here.


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