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30 Apr 2018

ECIU advocates 10 criteria for European Universities Networks

ECIU, the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, has published a Position on the European Universities Networks initiative that is currently being developed. The Position Paper was published on 26 April 2018. It includes a general positon on the initiiatve and defines a list of 10 criteria or recommendations the ECIU would like to see fulfilled for European Universities Networks to be set up.

According to ECIU, Europe needs universities that dare to truly and continuously innovate education and maximise their societal impact. The association regards the European Universities Networks as a concept offering an important opportunity to catalyse educational innovations, and to bring the best of individual universities within Europe together.

The position paper describes ten criteria and five ideas for activities to be funded. Among these are the following. To enable the acceleration of new educational developments, European Universities Networks need to be ambitious. Furthermore, the networks need to be open to the surrounding communities and involve all parties of the knowledge triangle, to maximise their impact on society. European Universities Networks must invest in integrated education, research and innovation activities. To realise this, it is crucial that EU education, research and innovation funding is combined, so that there is one call for all activities. The ideal number of partners can differ per network and activity.

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