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09 May 2018

NL non-paper calls for prioritising R&I for smart growth in MFF

In a non-paper circulated on 4 May 2018, The Netherlands (NL) calls for prioritising Research and Innovation for Smart Growth in the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), the EU's budget from 2021 to 2027. NL aims at "a modernised and a financially sustainable MFF", and is therefore in favour of a new MFF focusing more on (digital) innovation, research, climate and sustainability, as these are regarded by NL as themes with a clear European Added Value. NL believes that investments in research and innovation for future European economic growth and investments addressing societal challenges (e.g. climate, energy, migration) are crucial for a strong and competitive Europe. According to NL, the greater focus on research and innovation (R&I) should take shape through several MFF and programme measures.

In its non-paper, the Dutch government calls upon the European Commission (EC) and Member States (MS) to take the following principles into account for the future MFF:

  • A stronger budget focus on innovation and research would promote growth within the EU. This should be reflected in a stronger future Framework Programme, based on excellence and impact.
  • ESI funds should be targeted more at facilitating innovation and research. And better cooperation should be established between regional investments in innovation (ERDF) and the Framework Programme, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Smart growth should also (continued to) be pursued via other programmes.

According to the paper, the NL regards the continuation of a strong Framework Programme (FP) as important, and proposes the following elements for the FP:

  • Keeping, balancing and better connecting the current three-pillar structure
  • Excellence and impact should remain the two drivers
  • The right balance between the different types of research instruments covering the entire R&I value chain.
  • Involvement and inclusion of all relevant stakeholders of the R&D ecosystem.

In addition, the Dutch non-paper calls for synergies between the FP, the ESI funds and EFSI, providing a coherent and consistent policy framework on societal challenges, and ensuring that the Structural Funds stimulate the building of R&I capacity. Finally, NL would like to see the "pursuit of innovation and smart growth via other EU funded programmes" (Erasmus+, Space, financial instruments and the Connecting Europe Facility).

Netherlands' non-paper on a modernised and financially sustainable MFF: prioritise Research and Innovation for Smart Growth

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