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25 May 2018

European research academies statement calls for close future partnership with UK

ALLEA, the All European Academies association, has published a statement on the future cooperation between the UK and the EU in the field of science and research after BREXIT. The statement “An ambitious and close future partnership between the UK and Europe. A Future Partnership Project” is the outcome of a meeting of representatives of European research academies with their UK counterparts in January 2018 to discuss the potential of future partnerships and collaboration between UK and EU academies after Brexit. The currently 53 signatories include research academies, universities and other research-related organisations and institutions from both EU Member States and the UK, the Swiss Academy of Sciences, as well as European organisations and associations.

The statement demonstrates the commitment of research communities across the wider European Research Area to a future partnership between the UK and the EU that enables excellent research and innovation to flourish across Europe, actively supports collaboration and cooperation, and avoids introducing barriers to them. The signatory organisations want to ensure that UK and EU researchers continue to work closely together to their mutual benefit and that of the wider global community. Further signatories to the document are still welcome.

For more information:

ALLEA - News

To read the full statement, please click here.

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