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05 Jun 2018

EU Council Library publishes May 2018 Think Tank Review

The Europen Union (EU) Council Library has published the May issue of its monthly Think Tank Review. The compilation references papers published in April 2018, providing a link to the full text and a short abstract to each paper.

Among the topics covered in the current Issue are the simplification of the Stability and Growth Pact, economic recovery and inflation, French foreign policy led by President Macron, the dark net and its use by terrorists, the standing of European firms in the global corporate research race, and EU climate strategy. This month's special focus is on Africa and the cooperation between the EU and the African continent. The EU Member States section includes a risk analysis of the UK's environmental policy post-Brexit, a comparison of political dynamics and prospects in Northern Ireland and Scotland, and the implementation of a Brexit deal for UK citizens living in the EU-27.

Think Tank Review issue 57

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