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08 Jun 2018

Eurostat: GDP rises by 0.4% in euro area and EU28

Eurostat, the EU's statistics office, has released its estimate for GDP figures during the first quarter of 2018. According to Eurostat, seasonally adjusted GDP rose by 0.4% in both the euro area (EA19) and the EU28 during the first quarter, compared with the previous quarter. In the fourth quarter of 2017, GDP had grown by 0.7% in both zones.

Compared to the first quarter of 2017, seasonally adjusted GDP rose by 2.5% in the euro area and by 2.4% in the EU28 in the first quarter of 2018, after +2.8% and +2.7% respectively in the previous quarter.

Latvia and Poland (both +1.6%) have the highest growth rate compared with the previous quarter, followed by Hungary and Finland (both +1.2%). Slightly negative growth was observed in Estonia (-0.1%) while GDP in Romania was stable. The growth rate for Austria during the first quarter is 0.8%.

For more information:

Eurostat - press release

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