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11 Jun 2018

EC publishes RISE brief on how to support social innovation

The European Commission has published a policy brief of the "Research, Innovation, and Science Policy Experts" (RISE) high level group on Social Innovation. The brief entitled " A European ecosystem for social innovation" examines the potential of social innovation and in particular how it can be mainstreamed into the Innovation Agenda and supported through Horizon Europe (FP9) and complementary European actions. While focusing on the needs of organisations that deliver social innovation, notably social enterprises, the authors recognise the great diversity of approaches that exists across Europe and the essentially bottom-up and local nature of much activity in this sphere.

The brief examines the requirements for social innovation ecosystems and the business and management models that could thrive within it. As a conclusion, with these elements in place, large-scale mission-oriented initiatives that build coalitions to address Europe’s greatest social challenges, as also recognised in the "Lab – Fab – App" report, could provide a key catalyst for this activity.

In the context of designing FP9 the RISE high level group recommmends to consider four key actions:

  • At the macro-level the opportunity exists to identify and encourage core drivers of demand through the inclusion of socially-driven missions.
  • For missions to succeed they will require effective ecosystems including sufficient demand for innovations to have an effective diffusion path and hence a path to sustainability and scalability.
  • Social innovation ecosystems will also need to secure the necessary financial support and skill levels.
  • Complementary measures are also needed to support training of social entrepreneurs.

The RISE brief can be downloaded here.

RISE High Level Group


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