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05 Jul 2018

Russell Group Universities call for certainty for research after Brexit

The Russell Group, which represents 24 leading UK universities, has again called on the British government to consider the needs of the research community in the ongoing BREXIT negotiations.

As the UK government is about to finalise its Brexit White Paper ahead of the decisive phase of negotiations, the Russell Group states that It is vital to secure the foundations for future collaboration with European partners in the field of research, and that the flow of talent and ideas should be a top government priority, because they are essential for the UK’s long-term economic health and for tackling global challenges.

The Russell Group therefore calls on the UK government to "prioritise securing an early, and overarching, agreement with the EU which focusses on continued cooperation in the fields of science, research, innovation and education and which builds on our existing links", amongst others by ensuring "as near frictionless movement of talent and ideas as possible between the UK and EEA" for students, academics and other research workers the end of the envisaged transition period. With regard to Horizon Europe, the next Research Framework Programme, the UK government "should commit to full association for the UK", the universities advocate, pointing out that under Horizon 2020, the UK has so far received over €4.2 billion of funding and is second only to Germany with regard to the number of project participants and share of funding.

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