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13 Jul 2018

Scientists launch petition for larger budget for Horizon Europe

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A group of European scientists and innovators, called ISE (Initiative for Science in Europe) has launched a petition calling for a larger budget for Horizon Europe, the European Union's next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The signatories welcome the European Commission's proposal for Horizon Europe, but urge the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament to increase the budget for the programme from the currently proposed € 100 billion to at least € 160 billion. They do so in the "light of growing geopolitical challenges as well as very high levels of competition to create a step change in budgetary commitment for Research and Innovation".

The list of signatories includes many prominent names in science, amongst others former ERC President Helga Nowotny, former EC Scientific Advisor Anne Glover, and several Nobel Prize winners.

To read the full text of the petition, click here.

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