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31 Jul 2018

EC publishes results of recent H2020 calls

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The European Commission (EC) has published the results of three recent calls under Horizon 2020 on its Participant Portal.

The EU-Korea Joint Call in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) work programme under the Industrial Leadership pillar of Horizon 2020 had closed on 31 January 2018. The call received a total of 19 proposals, of which a total of five were above threshold. Three out of these five proposals have been invited for grant preparation.

The EU-Japan Joint Call, also in the ICT work programme under the Industrial Leadership pillar, had closed on 31 January 2018 and had received 16 proposals. 11 of these proposals were above threshold, and 4 out of these have been invited for grant preparation.

The ICT call for topics 17 5G End-to-end Facility and  22 EU-China 5G Collaboration closed on 31 January 2018. They received a total of 22 proposals, with 16 above threshold and 4 out of these invited for grant participation.

The Call "FET Proactive - Boosting Emerging Technologies" in the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) work programme part of the Excellent Science pillar covered the topics "FET Proactive: emerging paradigms and communities" and "Community building in Neuromorphic Computing Technologies". The call had closed on 22 March 2018. A total of 98 proposals were submitted to the first topic, with 52 above threshold, and 2 for the second topic, with one above threshold.

"FET Open - Novel Ideas for Radically New Technologies" within the FET work programme closed on 11 April 2018. This call for FET Open Coordination and Support Actions received 17 proposals, out of which 9 were above threshold.

The Call "Implementing the European Open Science Cloud" in the European Research Infrastructures work programme under the Excellent Science pillar of Horizon 2020 closed on 22 March 2018. The call was for Research and Innovation Actions on "Access to commercial services through the EOSC hub". One proposal, which was above threshold, was received for this call.

For more information:

EC DG Research and Innovation - Participant Portal

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