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25 Sep 2018

Hungary publishes National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

The European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) has announced that Hungary has published its National Research Infrastructures Roamap. The roadmap aims to identify the major research infrastructures (RIs) in Hungary, provide an insight into their operation, present the nature and diversity of domestic capacities, draw the attention of the national and international research community to Hungarian research capacities and opportunities, provide background information for setting further development directions, and outline connection points to European infrastructures and cooperation relationships.

The roadmap document summarises the story of creating the Roadmap, presents the current situation of domestic research infrastructures, their connection to major international research infrastructures, the upgrading process and financial background of research infrastructures. It also highlights the need to monitor research infrastructures and identifies the criteria of monitoring and of setting development directions. The roadmap presents connection points to international infrastructures through existing RI groups and illustrates RI development with recent examples. The document was recommended by the National Research Infrastructure Committee for approval and submission to the European Commission.

For more information:

ESFRI - News

Hungarian National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2018  - scrollable version 

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