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23 Oct 2018

ERC awards Synergy Grants worth €250 million in total

Twenty seven research groups across Europe have won highly-coveted ERC Synergy Grants. Worth €250 million in total, this funding enables groups of two to four lead researchers to bring together complementary skills, knowledge and resources to jointly address research problems at the frontiers of knowledge.

Most of the successful proposals bring together researchers from different fields of science to carry out highly interdisciplinary projects. These are also highly international endeavours: 16 funded proposals involve host institutions based in at least two countries, even though collaboration across the borders was not an evaluation criterion. The 27 projects engage 88 lead researchers who will carry out their projects at 63 universities and research centres in 17 countries across the European Research Area. The most frequent locations are Germany, UK and France.

ERC Synergy Grants were reintroduced in 2017 for groups of two to four excellent "principal investigators". Applications are open to researchers in all sorts of combinations of fields or domains of science, with no preference made by evaluators between single discipline or interdisciplinary proposals. Grants of up to €10 million may be awarded for up to 6 years.

A list of all selected proposals can be found here.

ERC Press Release


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