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30 Oct 2018

The Guild calls for more synergies between Erasmus and Horizon Europe

The Guild, an association of European research-intensive universities, has issued a statement on the draft of the next Erasmus programme in which it calls for a stronger research focus and more synergies between the new Erasmus programme and the new Framework Programme Horizon Europe.

The Guild welcomes the European Parliament’s (EP) call for tripling the budget of the future Erasmus programme and funding for new initiatives such as the European Universities. Amongst other issues, The Guild clearly expresses its support for synergies with other EU funding programmes, in particular Horizon Europe, as also advocated by the EP. According to the association, such synergies are required to create meaningful links between education, research and innovation. The Guild states that alongside the European Universities initiative, these links should be encouraged for students and staff in Horizon Europe projects or Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

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