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30 Oct 2018

University associations launch "Prague Appeal" for ERA and EHEA

Three of five signatories of the Prague Appeal, from left: Prof. Luciano Saso (UNICA), Charles University Rector Tomáš Zima, Prof. Ludovic Thilly (Coimbra Group). Photo credit: Charles University Prague / René Volfík.

The Coimbra Group, EUROPAEUM, LERU, UNICA and Charles University Prague have jointly launched an appeal for promoting the European Research Area (ERA) and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The so-called "Prague Appeal" was launched on 25 October 2018 on the occasion of the Rectors’ Conference “University and the Republic: 100 years of Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic” held at Charles University, Prague

The signatories express their concern, as European organisations of universities, regarding recent political developments and discussions, potentially leading to a division of the existing European Education, Research and Innovation landscape and its associated EU funding schemes. They stress that the ERA and EHEA can only develop further by remaining open to cross-border and international cooperation, regardless of the local political situation and constraints. This includes the mobility of students, teachers, researchers, academic staff and their families.

The associations call on EU decision makers to ensure that the future Erasmus and Horizon Europe programmes will continue to allow, and further develop, education and research agreements with non-EU countries. They explicitly state that "a "Europe First" approach is genuinely undesirable", and that they regard an open ERA and EHEA as "the only solution to address both European and global challenges to the benefit of citizens and democratic societies".

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