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31 Oct 2018

PSF publishes report on internationalisation of Slovenian science system

The European Commission (EC) has published a report by its Policy Support Facility (PSF) on "Specific Support to Slovenia: Internationalisation of the science base and science-business cooperation". The report outlines the rationale behind the policy messages and recommendations proposed by the PSF panel to improve the internationalisation of the Slovenian science system and to improve the cooperation between the science base and business firms 

According to the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS), Slovenia is part of the group of "strong innovators", striving to catch up with the leading group of "innovation leaders". The PSF focused on two areas which are particularly relevant for Slovenia’s R&I system to catch up with the "innovation leaders": the continued internationalisation of the science and research system and the fostering of science-industry links. The PSF report identifies four challenges in this context:

  • governance problems,
  • the process of internationalisation being hindered by difficulties in attracting talented researchers from abroad,
  • a mismatch between the activities of the academic sector and the business sector, and
  • a start-up ecosystem which is still in its infancy.

The report provides a list of recommendations, including the following:

  • improving governance,
  • attracting talent and opening the science system,
  • fostering links between academia and business,
  • establishing an integrated entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Report Specific Support to Slovenia: Internationalisation of the science base and science-business cooperation

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