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30 Oct 2018

EC launches € 1 billion Quantum Technologies Flagship

The Quantum Technologies Flagship, an initiative to be provided with a total budget of €1 billion, was launched at the Quantum Flagship Kick-off Conference in Vienna on 29 October 2018. The conference was hosted by the Austrian Council Presidency. According to the European Commission (EC), the Flagship will fund over 5,000 of Europe's leading quantum technologies researchers over the next ten years and aims to place Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution. Its long term vision is to develop in Europe a so-called quantum web, where quantum computers, simulators and sensors are interconnected via quantum communication networks. This will help kick-starting a competitive European quantum industry making research results available as commercial applications and disruptive technologies.

The Flagship will initially fund 20 projects with a total of €132 million from Horizon 2020, coordinated by the EC. The first 20 projects will focus on four application areas: quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum metrology and sensing, as well as on the basic science behind quantum technologies. From 2021 onwards, the Flagship is intended to fund a further 130 projects, with its total budget expected to reach €1 billion, providing funding from basic research to industrialisation, and bringing together researchers and the quantum technologies industry.

For more information:

EC - press release

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