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05 Nov 2018

Austria has received € 1.06 billion of Horizon 2020 funding so far

According to the latest data from the European Commission (EC), researchers at Austrian universities, research institutions and enterprises have received € 1.06 billion of funding from Horizon 2020 so far. Austria has set itself the ambitious target of € 1.5 billion of funding from the Research Framework Programme in total. Heinz Faßmann, Austrian Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research, stated that "This is another excellent example of Austria as a strong place for research and innovation. Austria ranks among the top 3 in Europe in the field of research". Austria's success rate (of participations) is 17.1 percent, well above the average of 14.8 percent of all countries.

Researchers in Austria are particularly successful in the ERC (European Research Council; € 220.8 million), as well as in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies; € 148.2 million), Transport (€ 120 million) and Energy (€ 100.5 million). The FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) as the National Contact Point for "Horizon 2020", supports researchers and companies with a comprehensive range of information and consultancy services.

While "Horizon 2020" still has two more years to go, the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union is in charge of the negotiations shaping the successor programme "Horizon Europe" (2021 - 2027). "The largest budget pot of ‘Horizon Europe’ will be dedicated to global challenges", says Federal Minister Faßmann. "This is an opportunity for our universities and companies to position themselves strategically in the 'Missions' and 'Partnerships' of 'Horizon Europe'."

For further information:

FFG - press release

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